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Organic Bali Blue Moon

Organic Bali Blue Moon

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This Indonesian country has it's act together...

The use of pesticides is prohibited on Bali and all fertilizers are 100% organic.   The Kintamani highlands, where most coffee is grown, sits atop a large volcanic plateau between 1300-1700 meters altitude.

Why we love this coffee:

  • Naturally low-acid coffee with a deep rich flavor profile characterized by cedar on the nose and woody vanilla notes on the palate.
  • Coffee farmers on this island are prohibited from using chemical pesticides and fertilizers by law.
  • This is one of our darker roasted coffees.  The big bean (typical of many Indonesian coffees like Sumatra and Java) brings forth a deep syrupy coffee with complex earthy flavors of toasted walnut and semi-sweet cocoa.


100% Arabica Coffee

Vegan, Dairy Free, Nut Free


All orders are roasted and shipped within 2 business days after the date the order is received.

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Organic Bali Kintamani Highlands

Outstanding coffee! Will be back for more

Glad you love the Bali coffee...and thanks for being such a loyal customer!