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Ethiopia Guji - Natural Sidamo

Ethiopia Guji - Natural Sidamo

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Did you hear the one about the goat that walked into a coffee shop...

Ethiopia is said to be the birthplace of coffee.  Legend has it that some goats wandered into the local coffee shop (a patch of coffee shrubs) and got really jacked up on the caffeine after eating the coffee fruit.  The goat herder took notice and thought he would want to give that high a try so he roasted some of the fruit over his campfire and, viola, the first cup of coffee was created.

This Sidamo Guji coffee represents some of the best we've ever tasted.  Although a light roast, it packs a tasty punch that is sure to please the most picky coffee drinker.


Why we love this coffee:

  • The aroma is full of fresh picked strawberries and raspberries with a tasty undertone of smooth milk chocolate.
  • Is VERY tasty as a cold brew.
  • Makes a wonderful pourover and aeropress.
  • We recommend this coffee as the perfect gift for that "coffee nerd" in your life.


100% Arabica Coffee

Vegan, Dairy Free, Nut Free


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