Make your fundraising go viral throughout your community!

Earn Up To 25% Profits For Your Fundraiser!

Get started easily! Offer delicious coffee-shop products to your supporters as an easy way to earn money for your fundraiser!

Can be online-only or combine it with in-person sales in your community to make even bigger profits!

Perfect option for Non-profits, Schools, Sports Teams, and Churches.

- No Money to collect

- Profits paid out via Paypal, Venmo or Check every month*

- Dashboard for monitoring your progress

- No minimum orders / No inventory required

- Versatile enough to run all year long or just for the time you need to achieve your goals!

Make a bigger impact!

Not only do you earn the funds you need but every purchase helps us provide help dozens of small coffee farming communities around the world by creating a market for their incredible coffee!

We partner with various world-changing organizations that work hand in hand to get us great coffee at a price that empowers farmers to break the cycle of poverty.

Sign up for free!

You can try us out for free with a simple signup and start by earning 15% on every purchase! Once you sign up, you will get a series of emails showing you exactly how to start earning funds for your org AND how to level up to 25% profits!

Fundraising FAQs

How much does this program cost?

The fundraising program doesn't cost anything to get going with our standard product line.

If you want to have your own custom branded product line and landing page, we offer that for FREE if you generate only $100 in site orders in the first 30 days using our standard product line.

What do we get in the Custom Branded package?


1. 25% fundraising commission on every product purchased in that collection.

2. A custom landing page showing your custom product line as well telling your supporters about what you are raising money for.

3. We design a completely custom label for your coffee bags! Supporters will be proud to help!

4. 15% fundraising commission on all other products in our online store!

5. Wholesale pricing for coffee you purchase to sell in-person in your local community. You pay $9 per bag and sell for at least $15...that's $6 profit per bag! (there is only a 12 bag minimum per variety + shipping if applicable)

6. Our marketing engine partners with you to engage your supporters after their purchase to encourage them to keep ordering to support your cause!

How do I get a custom branded coffee and landing page for my organization's fundraiser?

There are 2 ways...

1. We offer a free custom setup ($99 value) if you register and generate only $99 in sales in the first 30 days after registration. A fun bonus is that your organization will earn 15% of those sales toward your fundraiser!

2. If you want to start as soon as possible with a custom branding and landing page, you can simply let us know and we will send you an invoice for the $99 setup fee. Once paid, it usually takes about 5 business days to get it all ready and, when launched, you will earn 25% on all custom products as well as 15% for all other non-custom products on our site!

Are these products really tasty?

We have been providing the same coffee to coffee shops and multi-million dollar brands for 21 years! They love the taste and we think you will too!

You can check out reviews below to see some our latest feedback from real life people.

What if we want to get samples before signing up?

We will be glad to send you a sample pack for the cost of shipping and handling. Simply click HERE to order.

Can we sell these products in person to our local community?

Yes! We can provide you bags at wholesale prices + shipping. You can then resell them locally for a big fundraising profit! Typically our wholesale price is around $8.50 per 12oz bag and most organizations sell them for $15 locally. That means your group will make $6.50 per bag!

Also...we give you free Ground shipping for orders over 50 bags in the Lower 48 states!

If you want to sell locally, please reach out to us on the contact form and let us know what you need.

How long does the fundraiser last?

You can make money from your page for as long as you want! Many of our clients promote it year round, seasonally, or for just the time it takes to raise funds for a specific need.

We payout your fundraising profits monthly as long as they $50 or more. If less than $50, payment will be made in the month your profits hit $50 (see program terms and conditions for more info)

How much money do we make?

25% of all products in your custom branded collection.

15% of all other products on our site.