Wholesale Craft Coffee Roasting

Focused On Your Brand

  • 20+ Years Roasting and Consulting
  • Experts at your service - Been in your shoes
  • Strategic Partner
  • Dedicated Account Manager with Text, Email and Phone Support
  • A Strategy to support your growth

Portfolio of Products

  • Use us or Source Your Own <link to toll roasting page>
  • Product Range
    • Coffee Shop and Chef Proven
    • Farmer-Direct Partnerships through Farmers First Coffee
    • Rainforest Alliance, Farmer-Direct, Organically Grown, Sustainable
    • Blend Development

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Expertise and Passion

<Reference Keywords: NC Wholesale Coffee Roaster, Coffee Roasting Company> Running a coffee shop takes a lot more than just choosing a coffee roaster.   We know exactly what it takes to take a coffee dream and turn it into a thriving business that you can be proud of.  How do we know?  Our family has been in your shoes for many years.  We started with 1 shop in an unlikely town and turned it into a small chain of shops in western North Carolina over 5 years.
 We are excited about the opportunity to share our coffee with you.  Hospitality is in our DNA and that comes only second to our goal of providing our customers with delicious coffee.  We look forward to hearing how we can start a partnership with you today.



When we partner with you as your coffee roaster you get so much more than tasty coffee.
- On site training to show your staff exactly how to make our coffee and
espresso taste it's best.
- Hands on help in developing a plan to grow your business including helping
you develop a core brand identity that is compelling to your customers.
- Menu development, pricing strategies and specials to help build your sales.
- We'll be your partner to help you grow.
And...of course, incredible coffee!
  • Barista training
  • Menu development, pricing strategy, financial analysis
  • Factory-trained service technicians on-staff
  • On-site or in-shop repair service
  • Centralized tech dispatching during business hours
  • On-call tech service after hours

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