Who is Broad River Roasters?

Hospitality is in our DNA. Our driving passion is to give our customers delicious coffee and timely guidance to help grow their business and lead a balanced life.

Broad River is a family owned and operated wholesale coffee roasting business that started in 2002 in Shelby NC. We provide amazing coffee for coffee shops and coffee retail stores.

Our driving passion is helping to transform businesses into stable, growing and profitable engines of financial wealth for your family.

  • Family First

    Running a coffee shop takes a lot more than just choosing a coffee roaster...it takes a support system.  

    Our family has been in your shoes for many years. We started with 1 shop in a sleepy small town and turned it into a small chain of shops in western North Carolina over a 5 year period.

  • Focus on a Few

    All of our clients demand quality and innovation. We roast for a variety of client types from startups all the way up to 10-figure premium foodservice businesses.

    Our goal is not to create an empire, but to faithfully serve a select few clients for decades!

  • Expert Roasting and Fulfillment

    We roast excellent coffee and ship it on time, every time.

    Our state of the art roastery and expert team shows up every day to create wonderful roasted coffee that tastes delicious.

Powerful Model

We've cultvated a unique approach to find and offer amazing coffees to our clients. Through our relationships with our very special contract roasting clients, we are able to supply cafes, coffee shops, coffee retail stores and other clients with unique coffees that create sustainable coffee cultures and are life giving for the farming communities.

By being relationship driven, your company can help make a market for ultra small farmers that otherwise would have little chance of escaping the cycle of poverty that plagues many coffee farming communities.

Expert Roasting

For over 2 decades, we have focussed on roasting quality and consistecy.

In 2022, we performed a quality and capacity upgrade to be able to roast over 400,000lbs of coffee per year and package in a variety of formats to meet the needs of our customers...from bulk wholesale coffee bags to custom solutions.

Business Strategy

We offer a consultative approach to our client relationships.

Our expertise is in helping you cultivate a strategic mindset and ensure that you make money.

As a client, you will have direct access to regular strategic coaching sessions that really make a difference in your bottom line AND your well-being.

What's the next step?

Send us some info in the form below and we’ll call you to chat and see where it leads. That’s it. No high pressure sales. Just an open value-filled conversation about how we can help grow your business.