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New Wave Sweet Espresso

New Wave Sweet Espresso

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Modern Espresso Profile

A tasty blend of Guatemala La Bendicion and our Ethiopia Guji Natural.  The goal was to create a complex and interesting espresso blend that would appeal to those who love to sip espresso straight but it turned out to be substantial enough to work very well in milk-based drinks like Lattes too!

Why we love this coffee

  • Extremely versatile crowd pleasing espresso that will also work well no matter what home brew method you use.
  • Not-too-delicate berry flavors highlighted by a creamy texture when brewed as a drip, pour over, or aeropress.
  • Blend of Guatemala La Bendicion and Ethiopia Guji Natural roasted separately to create a bold cup with pronounced berry aroma.
  • Deep strawberry and raspberry notes with a foundation of milk chocolate fill the cup when brewed as an espresso or in a french press.



100% Arabica Coffee

Vegan, Dairy Free, Nut Free


All orders are roasted and shipped within 2 business days after the date the order is received.

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Customer Reviews

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The best espresso!

Broad River Roasters is a fantastic company! Coffee is outstanding

Thank you so much for the very wonderful review! We really appreciate you and your loyalty!