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raise funds

Start a new fundraiser to raise funds for the unique way you are impacting your world. Every craft coffee purchase your supporters make will earn your organization at least 20% to help you reach your vision.

How Your Organization Benefits

Make your fundraising viral throughout your community!

Perfect option for Schools, Sports Teams, Youth and Kids Groups, and Missions!

  • Earn up to $15 per bag of coffee
  • Free and easy for all types of non-profits
  • No paperwork or money to collect
  • Profits paid out via Paypal every month
  • Dashboard for monitoring your progress
  • No minimum orders / No inventory

Supporters help you over and over again with products you can be proud to offer

Guatemala Fincas Las Moritas

Quick Delivery

Coffee orders are roasted and shipped fresh within 3 business days straight to your supporters via Priority Mail.

Recurring Profits

Everyone needs coffee! You can run this fundraiser for as long as you want and your supporters can continue to order and help you for as long as it's active.

We Support You

You will get easy to implement training and shareable images to jumpstart your fundraiser AND we incentivize reorders (re-support!) from your supporters with exclusive discounts, bundles, and free shipping offers.

Why Most Fundraisers Don't Work

(And how we do it differently)

People don't want to buy junk they won't use

Who doesn't love coffee though? Did you know that 64% percent of people over 18 drink at least one cup of coffee. And guess what else? 79% of them brew their own coffee at home.

These facts provide you a huge opportunity to help them use their routine to help your mission!

Most fundraisers only work one time

Coffee is an item that your supporters buy for themselves every week or so. When you fundraise with us, it can go on as long as you want it to. In fact, we will send out special offers such as discounts, bundles and free shipping offers to encourage your supporters to keep helping you raise money by re-ordering!

Supporters don't like overpaying

Our prices are lower per pound than most coffee shops and the beans are at the height of freshness and quality because we expertly roast, package and ship to order!

Nobody likes selling

Our fundraiser works best when you don't sell. Rather, you are more successful when you simply tell a story of the life change your organization is making and invite people to help keep that life change going by helping.

Here's What To Expect

1st Step:

Get registered

Simply click the button below to get your group registered. You will need the normal contact info + your org's Tax ID # (FEID) and the Paypal email address for the organization (click here to set one up)

2nd Step

24 hours later

Within 1 business day, our team will review your registration for accuracy. Once approved you will get a welcome email that includes your "Tracking Link".

This link is very important! It's the link that ties your supporter's online purchases to your fundraiser so your organization earns money.

See...that wasn't painful was it?

Start it up...with our help

Publish your fundraiser (don't forget your tracking link!) on your website, on social media, in printed materials and through email communications.

Even if you are brand new at fundraising, we got your back. From the day you are approved you will begin getting daily emails from us focussed on how to make your fundraiser very effective. If you follow those steps and ask others in your organization to help spread the word, odd are high that you will earn good money for your fundraiser!

Are You Ready To Start?

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